The Year that was G-Wizz’s 21st birthday

G-Wizz Celebrated 21 years on the Model Railway Exhibition Scene in 2014

2014 was an important year for the G-Wizz Garden Railway Display Team as they celebrated 21 years on the Model Railway Exhibition Circuit, not bad for a group that started in 1993 with a display to show garden railways in in a real garden setting as a one off experiment. Since then the group has exhibited all over the Country with over 200 appearances to date.

The Team had a very busy schedule for this year with a number of very high profile appearances, one of these was at the National G Scale Society G Rail Exhibition in March at Stafford, and the other is a week long appearance at the National Railway Museum in York at the end of May for their “Big Fun With Little Trains” event.

As the fame of the “G-Wizz brand “continues to spread around the UK and Europe attracting many followers it is good to know that as bookings keep on coming in the Group grows from strength to strength spreading the hobby of Railways in the Garden for the next generation of enthusiasts.


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