G-Wizz Media

On this page you will find video’s and pictures relating to G-Wizz Group events. Please feel free to post comments about any of the items or events. You will find most recent pictures on our Facebook,Twitter and Instagram  feeds.

December 2015 Christmas Exhibition 

This year G-wizz was raising moneyfor this year’s charity St John Ambulance, Lytham st annes. below is a few pictures from the show.

December 2014 Christmas Exhibition

December 2013 Christmas Exhibition
A short video featuring our 2013 G-Wizz It Christmas Again exhibition where we raised £500 for Fylde Sharks Disabled Swimming Group

December 2012 Christmas Exhibition

October 2012 Exhibition – 12 minutes

G-Wizz – The DVD

Following the success of our first video, we have now produced G-Wizz Home and Away on DVD. This is fully update with changes and additions to layouts up to January 2008. the DVD is available direct from G-Wizz Group. Price is £7.95 plus post and packing of £2.55 per copy.


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